Wellness And Prevention - The Next Cost Savings For Business?

Prevention is a boon to business, to the individual and families. 19% of total deaths are attributed to tobacco use. Another 14% are attributed to diet and activity. 50% of total deaths are attributed to changeable behaviors!

In 20008 and dollar terms, gross health care expenditure will rise by an average of $526 per employee, to an average total cost of $9,144. Notably, the survey results suggest that the average cost increase would have been closer to 8%, or about $200 per employee more, if not for
employer efforts to aggressively manage benefit program performance.

Key elements to a comprehensive and an effective Health And Wellness Program, that does not have to be particularly costly are:
  • Health testing
  • Physical fitness activities
  • Lifestyle and behavioral change strategies
  • Prevention and safety strategies
  • Awareness, Health education and support strategies
  • Stress reliever strategies
  • Disease management strategies

What does the employer get out of this? Cost savings are demonstrated by:

  1. Improved productivity (less absenteeism, improved moral, and reduced turnover)
  2. Lower health care costs (depending on how you calculate - Return of $3 to $25 for every $1 per employee annually)
  3. Enhanced coporate and community image

Health And Human Services in the 2010 Healthy People

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