Healthcare Driving The Economy?

At what point do we change the delivery of health care. In 2007 costs were over $4.2 trillion or 17% of the GNP - $7900 per person. That is also a lot of jobs.

The problem that is being debated today is at what level do you stop? Do you adopt a system like Oregon did and pay down only to a certain cost/diagnosis? Do you limit like some countries by the "controllable" behaviors (no care for the obese or smokers)? Age a factor - unless it is your family? Is i the cost of technology and pharmaceuticals. I propose that it is some of everything.

The proposal that is currently being worked on proposes healthcare for all - but what exactly does that mean? Just like the economy, it will not sustained forever at the types of levels that many expect. What is not being addressed is the fact that after age 65 the cost of health care per person doubles.

Costs Per Person (2005) $4,082
Costs Per Person Under Age 65: $3,239
Costs Per Person Aged 45 to 64: $5,233
Costs Per Person For Aged 65+: $9,074

You tell me the answer - I do not believe it can be solved quickly. I also know that without an answer the cost will continue to rise unchecked.


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